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Miyu's Random Crayola: Hey you guys! It's... America! Get ready to go to.... HAMBURGER STREET!

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Miyu's Random Crayola: Hey you guys! It's... America! Get ready to go to.... HAMBURGER STREET!

I got a bunch of APH songs from Onii~Sama!
Like, three or four albums worth.
Then, I got two Kill Hannah.
And a bunch of other stuff.
Like, Chuuchu Lovely, American Idiot, the Runaways soundtrack, and one called Less Than Three.
That one starts out like this, in a little girl voice:
"Oh, I just can't wait to get home from school, so I can get online and talk with my BOYFRIEND."
I was instantly scarred.
That's why if I don't know all of you, you're probably not going to get treated as familiarly as the people I know. Don't take it personally. I think I know most of you in RL.
I'm wearing my frilly tule skirt over aqua tights with an aqua and blue striped polo shirt.
My hair seems weird today. It's sticking up in the back, and won't stay out of my face in the front.
"My man's waiting outside in a van."
"Is he hot?"
*pause* "You'll see, you'll see...."
Dance in The Dust... T-O-K-Y-O T-O-K-Y-O! T-O-K-Y-O T-O-K-Y-O! Tokyo, it's in our blood, Japanese angels, take flight! (I think that's what he says.)
This is directed towards Ruki, because, well, she knows.
Last night, my dream was in a movie theatre, and Cloverfield was playing. It was the same as before. This is like the fourth time I've had that dream, and I don't think it'll go away until it happens in RL. That would be... bad.
UGH. My mother wants to have BF's parents over for dinner.
I was like, "Oh HEEEECCKK no. No freaking way."
Onii~Sama, do you want to come roller skating with us or something sometime soon? I think it'll just be roller skating. (It would be awkward if I just took him. The questioning wouldn't be as bad if more than one person came with me. Plus, you know, if neither of you can skate, I'll be able to run away and help you if completely neccessary. )
PM the response!
I think I should probably get off before I get grounded from the computer. I was supposed to be off fifteen minutes ago.


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Miyu's Random Crayola: Hey you guys! It's... America! Get ready to go to.... HAMBURGER STREET! :: Comments


Post on Mon Sep 13, 2010 2:51 am by Shadow Ninja

That's were I am going to have my brithday party. At the roller rink. It's going to be so much fun!
It's still a long time away. But I want it set in stone that she said thats were we could have it.

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