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Colors of the Rose.

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Colors of the Rose.

Post by Cheaka Higarashi on Mon Oct 18, 2010 2:25 am

The day we met, you handed me a white rose. You knew of my purity and honor and you considered it a reward.
The next time we met, you offered me a pink rose. You had admired my ways of life and this was a gift. I saw a smile walk across your face when I accepted it.
2 weeks later you gave me a yellow rose. I grabbed it and I knew we were now friends.You asked me if we could hang out later and I said yes. We ended up riding our bikes.
5 months later you held a lavender rose. You were enchanted by me and you said it was love at first sight. I took to rose and hugged you.
On our first date you gave me an orange rose. You were joyful and you were full of enthusiasm. I held the rose to my heart, making you blush. I giggled and kissed your cheek.
A week later you put a thorn-less red rose in my hair.Before I could do anything you pulled me close and placed you lips onto mine. I was surprised but happy that I received two gifts.
6 months later someone knocked on my door.I thought it was you so I opened it, but I did not see your gentle face.Instead I saw your mothers face, grief and sadness filled her eyes. She held a black rose in her hand and said you had been killed by a drunk driver while you were out buying me roses.I cried and cried for your death but I accepted the rose. Now, I stare at all of the roses, they have wilted and died yet I kept them. I will never forget about you handing me all of those roses. To me, they aren’t flowers to smell,but a memories to hold.

To cry out for help in a dark abyss is Foolish but to cry on a friends shoulder is the best way to find Comfort.
Cheaka Higarashi
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