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Site Rules

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Site Rules

Post by Shadow Ninja on Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:35 pm

We expect that the rules, all of them, be followed in all sections. There will be rules wrote up for individual sections later.

Be nice. Don't be a meanie. Use constructive criticism if you don't like someone's story. Word it politely. Don't be downright rude about it. No name calling, dissing someone or someone's works. If you are caught doing this, an admin/mod will give you a warning. You get three warnings. Also, don't deal with a rudey yourself. Don't tell them that you're going to report them. Just do it.

No bad language. There is a censor in place, but we don't know all the bad words you might. The censor might not catch it. You can say, "She swore under her breath." Crap and freaking are allowed, but don't use them in excess.

Proper language. Please use proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, ect. This is a writing website and we would like you to try as hard as you can to keep it that way. We are fine with you using text talk, but don't go overboard with it. When you do full sentences with text talk, that is going way overboard and we will warn you.

Fantasy and Maturity. You can go pretty high, but not super high. Keep the maturity&gore level down, because we might have some younger users, and if their parents see that someone is posting explicit things, they might not let the kid back on the site. Kissing, handholding, hugging, dating, marriages, pregnancies and removing ONE OR TWO pieces of clothing are all right. No nudity or explicit details. Gore needs to be limited, don't tell exactly how you killed someone, or how their fingers got shredded in the paper shredder and blood flew everywhere. That grody. Don't do it.
Fantasy: Don't go Stephen King on us. That's all we ask. No scary crap. Killer cars, psychotic women who kill everyone, and no house that kill people. Nuh-uh.

No plaigarism. That's like stealing someone's car. If you plan on publishing something, put it in the about-to-be-famous section, because guests can't go into it. Only members. If we find out that you have taken someone's work without siting them, we will take immediate action.

Don't use this or this color. These colors are reserved for Admins and Mods.

No spamming. Talk about things that relate to the topic in the thread. If you want to talk about something totally unrelated, go to the Water Cooler.

No personal info. First name, state, and age are the only thing allowed. On the location spot, DON'T PUT YOUR ACTUAL CITY. If you get cyberstalked because of something you put on this site, it would be bad. Don't do it.

Usernames can only change every four months. You know how confusing it would get if everyone kept constantly changing their usernames? New users can't change their names right away. Typos are okay, of course, but you can't change your name because you're bored. You MUST have a good reason.

IF you see somebody break these rules, report them to an admin or mod. *nod*
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