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The Sea Dragon.

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The Sea Dragon.

Post by Cheaka Higarashi on Sun Aug 29, 2010 6:43 am

She listens
To the crashing waves
Breaking on the beach
Her twilight eyes as dark
And blue
As the incoming tide
She fans her wings
The palest purple
The flow'ry color of spring
Her scales glinting
As amethysts
In the night of drifting silence
Her sharp claws
Of black onyx
Clacking tunelessly on the cliffs
Her teeth as black
Fangs of night
Resting near her pink-whiter tongue
Her armored silvery
Underside, light against the dark
Hissing o'er pebbles, sliding, quiet
Her eyes flash blue-green
In a burst of light
Branching from the clouds
She glides into the ocean
And disappears
Sliding away through the depths.

By a person I don't know, but I love this poem!!!! By:Nadia Wendt

To cry out for help in a dark abyss is Foolish but to cry on a friends shoulder is the best way to find Comfort.
Cheaka Higarashi
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