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As The Light Fades

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As The Light Fades

Post by Shadow Ninja on Sat Aug 28, 2010 4:27 am

As The Light Fades....

As the light fades my blood falls into the cascades.
I smile slightly as the knife shimmered brightly.
Was this it?
That final moment?
I feel the pain.
But I don’t feel sane as the blood falls.
I ignore his desperate calls.
It won’t matter.
I’ll be gone within a moment all alone.
I wish he would just condone.
After that collision,
This was my decision.
To walk among the dead.
To let my blood run red.
This is what I deserve for the life I lead.
Now I lie beside the water.
He thinks:
“I wish I had caught her…”
He holds me knowing I have moments left.
The blood still flowing he figures he shouldn’t but he will.
He had his own life to kill.
We wish we could bring each other back.
Now that is two that this world will lack…

By: Our friend Lexi


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